Welcome to SMART Data from Innovative Technology

SMART Data from Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) allows you, the customer, to update or create datasets for use with all current ITL bank note validators * (See list below)

SMART Data provides customers with the tools to customise dataset files and further improve the performance of banknote validators in any locations. By utilising SMART Data customers can customise existing currency dataset files to: Quickly remove false notes; Add new issue notes; Incorporate local notes with differing wear patterns.

The process is simple - create data by inserting your own bank notes into an existing ITL bank note validator, connected to a Windows PC. Our SMART Data application will then send your data to our servers for processing, and a new dataset will be returned to you incorporating your collected data which can then be added to ITL bank note validators in the field. SMART Data allows false notes, new issue notes and notes with differing wear patterns to be quickly incorporated into your dataset.

* Supported products: NV9 USB+ Range, NV10 USB+ Range, NV200 Range & BV20 Range

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